Garnacho refuses to sign a new contract with Manchester United— it has to do with wages

Garnacho refuses to sign a new contract with Manchester United— it has to do with wages

According to The Independent, Alejandro Garnacho is delaying signing the new contract that Manchester United has offered.

According to the report, Garnacho has a £20,000 weekly offer on the table, but his representatives don’t think it accurately reflects his rising status within the team.

It’s important to note that the new contract represents a significant increase over his current salary of £7,000 per week.

Under Erik ten Hag, United is being cautious when awarding new contracts. In fact, if his strong performances continue, they are willing to sign Garnacho in the future.

The child’s contract is set to expire in 2024, but he has already made 17 appearances under Ten Hag this term.

Ten Hag reveals the United player who begged to start against City – Not Maguire

According to Erik ten Hag, Anthony Martial “begged” to play against Manchester City and that his substitution at intermission was merely a safety measure.

Before tomorrow’s match against Crystal Palace, the manager addressed the media during the pre-game press conference.

“He [Martial] pleaded for the start [against Man City], and I knew how crucial the opening minutes were to this game. He excels at pressing in particular, and before halftime, he played a significant role in our pressing.

“I hope to keep him from getting hurt, but he complained and didn’t train during the week. We decided, and he decided as well, that he was fit enough to start.

“But you also noticed that he couldn’t give it his all, and that’s what you need. We also removed him so as not to hurt him. However, it also had an effect on our game, one that was detrimental after halftime.

Only six Premier League games this season have seen Martial start, and none of those games have seen him play the full 90 minutes

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